… or didn’t

As predicted, that elusive chap ‘time waster’ cropped up to cancel his £8000 bid for the rusty HK500 featured below so it’s back on the market on e-bay for a sum not far from the figure he mentioned. This has led to suspicions that it just might have been the seller who made that £8k bid in the first place. Remember that it made a remarkable jump from less than £3k to £5k more.

Still, it’s his car and he can ask what he wants for it. He has a value in mind, as mentioned in his description, and that’s what he wants. If he gets it, good luck. I have a least two friends who are interested in buying the car – both bid last time – but not at the price asked. A restorer says that it’s certainly not worth £8k, if for no other reason than so many parts are missing.


In the meantime, here’s another morsel of fantasy: an estate body on a Facellia.

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