Update – finally!

First of all, deepest apologies for nothing appearing on this site for several weeks. You may know that my day job is in Formula One and we’ve just had a run of three double headers – six races – in eight weeks. That eight weeks also included the Goodwood Festival of Speed at which I was also working. So we had Canadian Grand Prix, followed by European Grand Prix in Azerbaijan, then Goodwood (OK, I live close by but it was still a long three days), then Austrian Grand Prix followed by British. Then I was on holiday including visiting rights to see my Excellence in Cornwall, followed by Hungarian Grand Prix and then German. I did pop home between all races for sometimes two night, sometimes a bit more. But certainly things have suffered, principally this site.

So now it’s time to update you. But first of all, I’d like to put out an appeal: does anyone know of a company that would do good quality castings of a very small number of parts? I will expand on this later this month, because it’s the great on-going saga of the door handles: boring, boring, boring but it is one of the trials and tribulations of classic car ownership and principally rare classics like Facel Vegas. I’ll come back to it later.

But first, I’m happy to publicise a list of parts and cars available in the United States from Mark Morgan. It is a pretty comprehensible list and he’s a guy who knows his Facels. Frankly, I think the prices are too high and you can find many of these parts advertised by him on e-Bay, but for what it’s worth, here are his two cars and spare parts list. Note that he says he has many other spare parts which are not listed.

Facel Parts Vehicles For Sale 2016 07b

Now if that doesn’t take your fancy, perhaps you would like the key to your vehicle? If – and that’s a very big if – you are the owner of a V8 Facel, then John Barton probably has a key to your car. John, as you may know, has been involved with Facels for many years and he bought a whole load of spares from Facel many years ago, which included the keys to the big cars.

Each set of keys is labelled, so he knows which car it should fit and if you can prove that you are the registered owner, he will sell you the keys that he has for €75. If you would like to drop me a personal message here, then I will forward your enquiry on to John. Please note, I am not making any money out of this and don’t want to, I will just forward your inquiry to John.

Finally, for the moment, I have had a quick squint at Classic and Sports Car and there is just one Facel Vega advertised in this month’s (September’s) edition. It is a 1960 LHD  HK500 from the Belgian dealer Marreyt from Brussels and the price is €195,000 which sounds fairly optimistic, but good luck to them.

I will come back with a further story as to why I want someone to do some casting but in the meantime please don’t lose faith, I am thinking about Facels and indeed, I am trying to find the ownership/whereabouts of two at the moment, while also trying to track down a specialist bodywork builder in Cornwall. All help gratefully received!


One thought on “Update – finally!

  1. Hello Bob,
    thank you for your engagement. I am the owner of HK A 113 and I met John in the eighties to panels for my car. I am interested in the keys, but I also need some technical advice, my Hydrosteer unit is defect and I need an adress who can repair it or an exchange unit for a RHD car. May be you can pass this Message to John to get in contact with me.
    Welf Schroeder


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