Rusty Facel Vega: sold for £8k

The heap of old rust purporting to be an HK500 sold on e-Bay on Wednesday evening for £8000. The bidding was ticking along nicely in the final minutes when a massive £8k bid came out of nowhere – actually the bidder had already bid before – and that produced a stunned silence from everyone else until the auction ended. The reserve – which hadn’t hitherto been reached – was now reached.

I estimated that this wasn’t a bad deal for someone who needed the spares as a dealer at around £6000. There must have been at least 30 parts which you could have sold for £200 each, so £6000 would have seen you break even. Clearly someone else either needed the parts more or has grand ideas for the car.

Good luck to him. Hopefully one day we’ll find out who it was.



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