Here you will find a number of links to Facel Vega clubs and concerns who have a stock of spares, and also a couple of forums where you can find advice, should you need it.


The link below is for the official site of the Facel Vega Car Club in the UK – as opposed to the one you’re on now which is the unofficial one! You can find information here on how to join the club. There are some old features – including mine, descriptions of some of the cars and of the club.
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This link is for the Amicale Facel Vega in France, the largest Facel Vega club in the world. Again, there is a link to spares which you will find useful, although the larger stock is Hans Ruhe’s. The description of parts is in Engish as well as French.
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This is the link for the Facel Vega site in Germany run by Jurgen Kromer. He bought a large stock of Facel spares some years ago, and has sourced his own. He also has cars for sale. It is also in English.
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And if you want a classic case of short-lived enthusiasm, then you can have a look at this grandly titled site from the USA – which has had no content  since 2011. You would have thought they could have kept it alive but I’m told that the US club is riven with conflicts and there isn’t really a club at all. Given that there must be so many spares and cars in the USA, that’s a real shame.
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The following link is the Facel page on Pistonheads’ forum here in the UK and this leads you to page 36, which is remarkable in itself, that there have been 36 pages about Facels. However, when you reach this page, more may have since been added.
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The link below is the French Facel forum and it will take you to page 270 – you probably then have to click on the final page unless you’re just happy to read about Facels, any time, any place. ‘Bas de page’ takes you to the most recent message. There have been 400 pages on this site, which is incredible, all about Facels – films, models, songs included. It is almost entirely in French, but there is some very useful advice available from some very knowledgeable people if required.
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The link below is to Hans Ruhe’s site in Holland and is particularly useful for access to information on his stock of Facel spares. It says it hasn’t been updated since 2009 but I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. Hans has had a number of parts specially made and is probably the greatest custodian of spare parts for Facels in the world.  He also runs a restoration business.
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And here’s another, advertising more information and pictures than any other site on the net but it actually takes you to the Facel homepage. Yahoo can’t find more, can you?
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