Facellia on Monte-Carlo Historique

2015MonteFacelliaMost Facel fans are aware that Facellias in particular and one or two Facel 111s and even 6s had a certain competition history, the most famous being sometime Monte Carlo rally class winner Maurice Gatsonides – he of Gatso speed camera fame – in a works Facellia.

But apart from Neil Lawson-Baker’s efforts to take a Facel 6 – or two – around the world, not too many Facels have been participating in the growing sport of historic rallying. So it’s good to see that one made a brief appearance in the 18th Monte-Carlo Historique 2015 currently taking place around the Principality.

Some 310 entries started from Turin, Barcelona and Reims and amongst them were Jean-Michel Roux and Yannick Dieu in their 1960 Facellia. Sadly, however, it succumbed to a problem with the conrod and was out by the weekend. The rally finishes on Wednesday.


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