HK500 discovered

The discovery of a car thought to be lost is always a momentous occasion, and this is the case of the right hand drive HK500 chassis number G8 which has appeared for sale in the States, offered by Hyman Ltd of St Louis, Missouri.

HK500 G8

The manual car was originally sold in the UK in late 1958/1959 and was sold to the States by its second owner in 1967. It was last heard of 12 years later in the States but was then thought to have been scrapped.

Fast forward 36 years and it has appeared for sale in complete but fairly average state, as can be seen. It is in very pale green with a black roof and will need a full restoration. While the sale particulars say that it has a 383 cubic inch engine, it should have a 361 engine which suggests that this is a replacement unit; the French site even suggests the block etc is the wrong colour for a 361 of that age, and the engine number suggests it is a 383.

HK500 G8 interior

Hyman are usually very accurate in their details – they have another right hand drive HK500 for sale currently and two left hand drive Facel 11s – so it is a surprise that their information isn’t quite up to their usual standard.

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