Facel tragedy

Bouquillon fire

The scene above is the result of a tragic fire in France a couple of weeks ago which has destroyed two right hand drive Facel Vegas and left the owner seriously ill in hospital.

It took place around 340 kilometers south of Paris on a very hot day and has left the Facel 11 and  Excellence in an almost un-recoverable state. The 68-year old owner was helicoptered to a special burns unit in Lyon and was place in an induced coma with 95 percent burns and a friend was also burned but less seriously.

The owner – who has been based in the UK in the past – was apparently trying to start one of the cars by spraying fuel and easy start in the carburettor with the friend when a flash fire erupted. The friend dragged the owner out of the garage but the cars and garage were completely destroyed.

We can only sympathise with all parties involve, particularly with the owner, and hope that he makes a full recovery from such a tragic event.

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