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End of May e-Bay summary

There are 17 pages of items listed under Facel Vega on e-Bay as I write this at the end of May. Most of them are the usual models, magazine articles, Fred Hobbs books, road test reprints, the occasional badge, even clocks and mugs, the kind of stuff that’s on there all the time.

However, I thought that it might be a useful service to readers of this site to have a rough run-down of useful or interesting stuff that’s available on the UK site on a regular basis. I’m not going to say how regular because that’s a rod for my own back, but at least you can have a look here and see if there’s anything of interest. I might make comments on some of the items including the price asked; I think of the 17 pages, there are only about ten items actually for auction on this ‘auction’ site.

Anyway, here goes:

At this stage of the month, towards the front, is an HK500 rear brake caliper piston and assembly for £94. It’s been on here for some time but is available in the UK.

For £20 more, there’s a sleeved front caliper 2 ½ inch from the USA but as usual, ridiculous P&P at £48

Also from the USA (most of the US prices are ridiculous, I think, but make up your own mind) is an original Facellia owner’s manual at £653.98 plus £46 P&P.

On page 6 are Justin Banks’s three Facels: the Excellence to be restored for £50k, the Facellia convertible for £40k and the Facellia 2+2 for £30k. These have been there for a month or two.

Next up is an HK500 brake servo for £295 from the USA; you can get good new ones in the UK for £125.

Also from the US on Page 8 are a pair of V8 engine heads for £1308, useful, but expensive.

There are three braided brake hoses for an HK500 at £43 around the same area, plus a rear caliper kit. How is it that there are so many brake bits, but not a lot of anything else?

On page 9 there is a single re-chromed left hand door handle for a Facel 11/Excellence at £327 from the USA; I shall be writing about these in the near future because I’m investigating having some new ones made.

There’s more from the USA later on: a Facellia intake manifold at £163 plus £65 P&P (this is almost reasonable value)

There’s also a period HMV radio which came out of a Facel for £1305 plus $100 P&P

Exhaust manifold gaskets, steel core laminate for V8 engines for £7.84 (now there’s a bargain from the USA)

And a V8 distributor from the USA for £654.

On page 12, there are various used and worn interior panels for a Facel 11, including the seats for (deep breath) £6536 (no, not gold) plus £192 P&P(which might be the only reasonable part about it)

There’s a new clutch plate for the Healey-engined Facel 6 (three in the UK) for £51.30

On page 14 there’s a set of Bilstein shock absorbers for V8 cars at £392 plus £65 P&P from the USA

Much more reasonably, a timing cover gasket set for V8s at £8.50, again from the USA

On page 15 there’s a set of Facel 11 grills for £3920 plus £196 from the USA

At last  something new and of interest: on the same page, John Wright is selling his final surviving Excellence chassis. He admits it’s pretty rusty, but there’s some steering, brakes, suspension, uprights etc, so it could be useful. The price is £3450 but I’m sure it’s negotiable.

He’s also selling a pair of 15 inch rims which came off an Excellence but are different to the usual ones seen on that car. Price of the two is £345 each, per wheel

He has four regular Excellence wheels for £375 each (I’ve bought one) and these are the ones with the holes around the outside.

There are also some caliper bleed nipples for £9.95

And on page 16 of the 17, there are intake and exhaust gaskets for V8 engines at £30 and £17.54

A Facel 111 water outlet gasket for a Volvo (this only applies to one car here in the UK)

And finally a Spitfire multispark ignition enhancer  at £25.

And that’s it for the moment. I’ll try and have another look in a couple of weeks.

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