HK500 at Goodwood

Sorry not get any pics – Bonhams block you from copying them, it’s their loss – but an HK500 is coming up for sale at their Goodwood sale this weekend, at the Members’ meeting.

The car featured is a left hand drive HK500, chassis number Z8. This is a car that was originally delivered in France, direct from the factory, in late 1959. It was fitted with an automatic Torqueflite gearbox and was in metallic grey with red interior and disc brakes.

The car which is being auctioned by Bonhams was acquired by the Key Collection – whatever that is – in the States and apparently restored by them. There is now a later manual gearbox and it is in bright blue with a grey interior. To be honest, there are several glaring errors in the restoration, but Bonhams’s blurb does suggest that the car has been improved, although marque specialists would doubt that. The estimate is for between £90k and £120k which perhaps does reflect the restoration, because a good car would fetch more than that. If the car stays in the country, it will be subject to five per cent important tax.

Incidentally, the red Facel 11 featured on this site recently fetched £141,000. It was apparently bought by someone who already owns a Facel HK500.



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