Facel Vegas at Goodwood

The Goodwood Revival is not only a great race meeting but it’s also a wonderful gathering of a fantastic collection of classic road cars. You will see virtually everything you could ever want to see either in the classic car park (or the ordinary car parks) or in the paddock. The expression you hear most is ‘good heavens, I haven’t seen one of those for years.’ You get almost blasé about E-types and Aston Martins, even ACs, Austin Healeys, TRs etc.

I usually take a Facel over the weekend as it’s very easy for me living close by, but apart from a visit to the nearby Sainsbury supermarket on Wednesday in the Facel 11, I’m afraid to say that the need to transport more than two people – which despite their four seats, most Facels are completely unable to achieve – meant that I couldn’t take a Facel. Thankfully, others were there…

Adam Sherring blew up one of his other cars earlier in the week so he took his two HK500s on Friday instead which more than made up for my absences. The pic showing the pair of them appeared on the Goodwood Road Racing Club website so they gained some good publicity. (After this piece was originally published, on Monday night I saw Dario Franchitti’s piece on Goodwood-the Classic Cars on ITV4 and it started off with Adam and his party and the Facels – more great publicity!)


But we couldn’t really rival the Facel FV2 which was on display on the EZ Electric Power Steering stand near the Bonhams tent. I had been told by my nephew who was driving his ailing Land Rover Series 1 as part of the event’s taxi service that there was a Facel 11 for sale somewhere but I’m pretty sure that it was actually this FV2. It had been brought over by the parent company from Holland and had been fitted with the company’s electric power steering system which has been very thoughtfully designed with classics in mind. As you can read here http://ezpowersteering.nl/25/170/EZ_ELECTRIC_POWER_STEERING.html (don’t forget to click the Union flag at the top of the page) this is an electric system which ticks many of the boxes, being adjustable to your own desires – the weight of steering you want, for instance – and also hidden, working with the existing rack, for instance. I was able to sit in the FV2 and see how the weight increased with the amount of lock. Of course, I wasn’t able to drive the car but there are English articles reproduced on the website which act as testimonials and are encouraging for anyone considering fitting the system. They also offer reproduction Bakelite steering wheels in a slightly smaller size.


Only 30 FV2s were actually produced, so this is a very rare car, even more so as it’s one of only six original automatics of which maybe four still exist, chassis number 56-056. It looked in mainly superb condition in its original black exterior, now with red interior, although I noticed slight damage to the driver’s window top rail which may have occurred on the trip but otherwise it looked wonderful and was for sale at €152,000. It had attracted lots of people onto the stand, including a Frenchman who worked for Facel at Dreux and lots of the aforementioned ‘cor, I haven’t seen one of those for ages’, former owners or friends of former owners.  The presence of the Facel at such an event does just what it is meant to do:  attracts more people to the marque and more interest in the cars.

The UK agent for EZ Power Steering is Mike Waters at Unit 12, Mannings Yard, Exeter Road in Dawlish, Devon and he can be reached on 01626 862804. He’s even considering a Facel purchase himself – I hope having one on the stand and the interest shown in it will convince him to go ahead!

(As well as the cars mentioned above, I have since seen on the French site that there was also an ultra-rare Paris-registered FV1 in the car park, which I didn’t see, so thanks to d.wilde for that information.)



5 thoughts on “Facel Vegas at Goodwood

  1. Hi,
    I attended the Goodwood Revival this year for the very first time with a black 1955 Facel Vega FV1. Unfortunately i booked a parking place at the Hawthorn Parking in Lavant Straight, and i have missed all of the vintage cars in the pre-1966 GRRC car parking. I feel so sorry.

    Best regards,


    • Delighted to hear from you, M Mafrand, and that you brought your FV1. For us to have had an FV1 and an FV2 at the same time in the same location was quite something. I wish I had seen your car; D.wilde posted a picture of it on the French website but I didn’t see it; what a shame.
      I hope you had a successful and troublefree trip home as well and that you enjoyed Goodwood. It is my local event; I saw my first motor racing there in the fifties and since then both my sons have worked there, including Ben who you may have seen on the big screens introducing various small segments during the Revival. We both work in motor sport and were commentating together at Singapore last weekend.
      I have been asked to try and get a special event together for the Amicale at next year’s Revival including special parking for a number of cars. What are your feelings? How would change what you did and where did you park? I would value your views. Please write in French if you would prefer; I understand it. Once again, thanks for making contact.
      Bob Constanduros (bob@constanduros.com)


      • Thank you for your very kind reply, M. Constanduros. I have now to visit the French website and look for the D. Wilde picture. The trip from and back to Paris was absolutely troublefree, and the car behaviour on the road was great and very comfortable with the new set of Michelin XAS tires.
        It was an amazing experience to be at the Revival, yes, i really enjoyed it as did my friend Malcolm. We drove from Portsmouth, where Malcolm and his wife Jane are living, to Goodwood track on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and driving with all those vintage treasures on the road was already great fun.
        Getting a special event for Facel owners at Revival 2017 is just a very nice idea. I am sure the Amicale Facel Vega French president Olivier Sorin would support your project, i remember Olivier talking about such a project a couple of years ago but for various reasons he couldn’t manage to make it.
        I wouldn’t change anything i did this year except i wouldn’t park the car in the Hawthorn Park again. Too expensive, too far from the real classic car park, very few people. Thank you again for replying.
        Dominique Mafrand (dom.mafrand@orange.fr)


  2. I also missed your FV1. Its one of the cars I really need in my garage. Next time the car is in the UK please get in touch with Bob or myself. I would love to see it. It’s rarer than rare!


    • Hello Adam, thanks for your kind comment. I won’t forget to get in touch with Bob and you when i am in the UK with the car.


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