For Sale

I wasn’t actually going to post anything for a little while, but I’m back in the UK and leafing through Classic and Sports Car I found a French company selling windscreens and using an HK500 as their chosen marque to illustrate their wares.

The company is basically part of the Europarts empire but I think trades as Glassmecca. It is at Reims and their catalogue – for many different types of car -includes nearly all Facel models, including HK, Excellence (EX1 only, I suspect), Facel 2, Facellia, Facellia F2 and Facel 111. There’s no mention of early FV models, nor of Excellence EX2 or Facel 6, but they are the real rarities. Their website, in many languages, is

There’s almost nothing else of Facel interest in the current Classic and Sports Car, although Justin Banks’s two cars – Excellence and Facel 111 – are still for sale, but advertised at the ‘old’ price, before he reduced them both by £10k – see my last blog.

However, for your interest, there are some parts for sale in Belgium on this site These parts include various lengths of stainless steel trim, headlamps, a steering wheel, central console for a Facellia, various buttons, FV/HK hubcaps, spare wheel cover for the same models, HK rear axle and transmission; Powerflite automatic gearbox and Facellia steering arm. Prix a discuter; price to be discussed.

A quick reminder, finally, that the former UK Facel 11 demonstrator comes up for sale at Bonhams’ Hendon sale on December 10. I will try and let you know what it goes for.

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