Press Watch

Candsc logoI’ve been leafing through the May Classic and Sports Car and it looks like the only mentions of Facels are in ads, but there’s a few of them and some might be of interest. The first is the Thiesen advertisement on page 50, right at the start of the big display ads, and the German company offers two Facels, the white RHD HK500 and the FV4, both advertised the previous month. I will try and find out which HK500 this is.

Moving on, there is no mention in the display ads of the Facel FV3B being sold by JD Classics but they have lots of gorgeous other fare on offer. The Gallery at Brummen in Holland has the ex-Ava Gardner  Excellence that was for sale at Retromobile, no price mentioned.  A couple of pages further on, Hyman Ltd of St Louis, Missouri has a 1961 Facel Vega HK500 for sale. This is a left hooker but a swift peep at their website reveals he also has a Facel 11 and the RHD HK500 previously mentioned in press watch or at least, for sale.

And a few pages later there’s an LHD 1962 Facellia F2 offered by Oldtimer Farm at Aalter in Belgium for €62,500. But in spite of some interesting new advertisers, that’s it. Having said that, there’s an interesting range of Facels for sale worldwide if that’s what you want. I’ll keep watching.

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