Press Watch

Candsc logoA hefty bout of jet lag means that I’ve had plenty of time to trawl through the latest Classic and Sports Car for mentions of Facel Vegas. There are a few, but they are a touch meagre.

First mention is in the news pages and the report of Retromobile, including a rather small picture of a Facel 11 with the body bucks for that car. The pic is so small it’s difficult to work out what the bucks look like but this is no great news: the body bucks have been in a Belgian museum for some time and it was just a matter of marrying the bucks and a finished car (Michel Revoy’s, I believe) together on the Amicale’s stand at Retromobile. C&SC say that the Amicale caused a stir with their stand.

Right at the start of the display ads there is a page display for the Thiesen company from Germany who have a RHD HK500 for sale. It is a 1960 car in white and a manual, been in the same ownership for the last 25 years apparently. There is no price for this car. Thiesen also offers an LHD 1958 FV4, but there are fewer details.

The only other mention are the results from the Retromobile auctions which show the prices in pounds sterling and include buyer’s premium but without the VAT applied. The cars sold were pretty much as we expected, apart from the surprising inclusion of the Facel 11 which came from the UK. This was an ex-USA car auctioned by Bonhams which reached €230,000 in the auction and below estimate, and yet according to C&SC it sold for £96,140, so there’s a major anomaly there. Even if it sold for £196,140 that’s of interest… maybe just a typo.

The other cars that sold were the Baillon Excellence (barn find) for £105,792 – we knew it had gone for €120,000 – plus the ex-Tringtignant FV3B which sold for €170,000/£149,872 quoted by C&SC, and the LHD HK500 auctioned by RM which sold for £102,144. So few surprises except for the sale of the Facel 11.

Incidentally, there is a display ad from Justin Banks who recently said that he still had his Excellence and Facellias for sale, but no mention of the Facel 11, which suggests it may have been sold. None of his Facels are advertised in his display ad.


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