Media watch: Classic and Sports Car

One of the things I want to do regularly on this site is review whatever press outlets come my way, and on a regular basis, that means scouring Classic and Sports Car for Facel mentions. I will probably do this every month, and include, for your delectation, whatever mentions there are and anything else I deem of interest.

For instance, James Elliott writes about his Jensen Interceptor in the Our Classics part of the magazine, and seeing as that car shares the same – or similar – Chrysler engine as those of us with big Facels, that might be of interest on a regular basis. This month – the March issue – he mentions an overheating issue which appeared after some steering maintenance. That might seem familiar to Facel owners but actually he cures it with a piece of paper; one fan seems to be sucking and the other blowing so that was fixed in a couple of minutes – apparently.

The most common mention of Facels in the magazine is usually in display advertisements and it’s no different this month. On page 46, the Theisen company from Hamburg and Berlin advertises a Chrysler Typhoon-engined fully restored FV4 – no price mentioned – and Hyman, from St Louis, Missouri, have an HK500 for sale, again, no price mentioned. As you probably know, there are no page numbers on display ads, so you’ll just have to leaf through until you find them – or look them up on the ‘net.

A couple of books mentioned on page 41 might  be of interest to Facelistes. One is a reprint of an autobiography of the Belgian journalist and racing driver Paul Frere, who was an honorary committee member of the Amicale Facel Vega in France.  I would expect there to be a mention of Facel in this book. And the other book is one on the Baillon collection, so recently auctioned by Artcurial in Paris. All 60 cars – I thought only 59 came up for auction – have been studio photographed in as-found condition accompanied by a description, so that will include the Facel Vega Excellence which sold for €120,000. Both books, incidentally, are in English and French.


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