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Found one of those websites that advertises every classic car that is for sale worldwide, and it included three Facels from the well known St Louis, Missouri classic car dealer Mark Hyman at Hyman Ltd. One of them, however is right hand drive, so it was worth further investigation.

Hyman is quite a Facel specialist – he’s usually got one or two in stock –  and it turns out that this one is the ex-Christopher Soames HK500 that was offered by RM in London in one of about four auctions crammed into last September, and which failed to sell.


It’s HK BC2 which has been with Hyman before and was owned by Russell Steel, a helicopter pilot. It’s certainly a good-looking car in good condition, and its estimate was £145-175,000 at the auction last year but bidding  stopped at £135,000 and therefore it didn’t sell. It is now for sale again on Hyman’s website at $285k which is around £190k.  Details are here:

Hyman always has some interesting cars and they are always well photographed in studio conditions, as you can see. A full inventory is here . There’s a couple of Citroen SMs, a convertible DS, a Willys Jeep, a Daimler Ferret scout car and all sorts of interesting stuff.

The other two Facels are  both left hand drive and include another HK500 in black and in good condition at $260,000 and a pale grey Facel 11 with the bigger 413ci/6.7 litre Chrysler engine at $375,000.

Closer to home, if you’re still in the market for a Facel, Justin Banks has stated on pistonheads  website that he’s thinking of selling his collection of Facels, which include recently restored Facel 11 and Excellence plus a Facellia Coupe and convertible whose condition I know not. Justin said he was watching the Paris auctions to  judge the market – this is his business, after all, not his hobby. All his cars are right hand drive and he’s based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. He’s not actually advertising the Facels on his website so maybe he’s decided the market’s not right, but you can catch up with him here:


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