2020 Retrombile report

Better late than never; here’s a report of the Facel Vega involvement in the Retromobile exhibition in Paris a couple of weekends ago. There were 15 Facels there in total: three cars at regular auctions, four at the special auction, seven on exhibitor stands and one on the Amicale Facel Vega stand. Models included FV2, FV4, two Excellences, HK500, three HK2s, probably three Facel 111s and two Facellias, so a pretty comprehensive representation of the Facel range.

The Facels at auction made some interesting prices. For instance, the two dusty HK2s or Facel 2s sold for €194k and €219k which is a pretty good price (for the seller) for cars that needed restoration. The estimate for both was €110-130k each.  

There was another Facel 2 on a stand which was restored and for which €300k+ was being asked. A restored Facel 111 from the same dealer was sold for €115k which is a good price and he told my source he could have sold the car two or three times over at that price. He also had an HK500 for sale at €235k.

There were two Excellences at auction, one the dusty ex-Roger Baillon car, all very original, which I was told initially didn’t sell but was subsequently told did sell for €90k. The restored car from RM Sotheby was therefore good value at €106,375. The FV2 which was being sold by Bonhams and which was left hand drive but British registered, didn’t sell according to my sources.

All in all then, some pretty strong prices in Paris which is good news for Facel owners in France, and great to see such a wide variety of Facels being offered in Paris.



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